Smart Sustainable Surfers




To encourage children to go to school and care for their environment by using their love of surfing as a tool for motivation.

Smart Sustainable Surfers aims to create a generation of well-educated, and environmentally conscious students.


The program draws on children’s love of surfing as an incentive for their participation in our education, sustainability, and skills programs.

sun crew pic.png

Children earn ‘SSS Points’ by attending school and participating in activities such as beach cleans, eco-bricking workshops, English classes, and skills classes. The number of points earned at the end of each week determines which children can use the Sun Crew boards.


The project is designed to teach children the value of education, the importance of caring for the environment, and to encourage them to believe in their own potential.

In 2018, our Smart Sustainable Program won the TAYO Award for the best youth program in the nation!


Watch this video to learn more about us and the award!