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This Project is designed to create a generation of well educated, environmentally conscious students who have the skills and opportunities necessary to alleviate poverty and protect the environment.

The project uses the children’s love of surfing as the incentive for participation in the education, sustainability and skills programs. Children earn ‘SSS Points’ by attending school and participating in project activities such as beach cleans, eco-bricking workshops, English classes and a variety of skills classes. The number of points earned at the end of each week determines which children can use the Sun Crew boards. Children must attend school for a minimum of 4 days to be eligible to surf and board preference is given to members with the most points. Surf instructors from the local community are employed to ensure the safety of the children while in the water. The project is designed to teach children about the importance of education, believing in their own potential and demanding more from themselves and their communities.


plastic forward

We are working to create sustainable island communities. We use education, segregation and upcycling to tackle   the major waste crisis' facing the Philippines.

Plastic Forward is our local solution to the enormous plastic waste problem facing the Philippines and oceans worldwide. The project empowers island communities with sustainable solutions to the overwhelming mass of plastic waste in our oceans and gives youth the education and skills necessary to lead the fight against plastic pollution. The project involves three elements, our Eco-Warrior education program, community segregation program and up-cycling including eco-bricks. We are seeking funding to take our plastic forward program to the next level through the purchase of precious plastic machines. Read more about what we hope to achieve through our project plan here. 


wahines on waves

We believe that empowering women is the key to lifting  communities out of poverty and creating lasting change

This project enables young girls to surf and to be actively engaged in their education, encouraging them to pursue a future beyond the traditional role of women in rural communities. We work with local women to educate them on sustainable practices and empower them to be the leaders in the fight to protect the environment. We employ a number of local women to run our programs, providing stable income to multiple families in the community. We believe that supporting these women and their children is the key to  the achieving the sustainable island communities we are working to create.