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Smart Sustainable Surfers

RISE Scholars

Summer School

Community Kitchens

Typhoon Relief Effforts


 Smart Sustainable Surfers 

Smart Sustainable Surfers aims to create a generation of well-educated, environmentally conscious students.  

The program draws on children’s love of surfing as an incentive for their participation in our education, sustainability and skills programs.


Children earn ‘SSS Points’ by attending school and participating in activities such as beach cleans, eco-bricking workshops, English classes, and skills classes. The number of points earned at the end of each week determines which children can use the Sun Crew boards.

The project is designed to teach children the value of education, the importance of the environment and encourage them to believe in their own potential. 


 Plastic Forward 

Plastic Forward is a local solution to the global problem that is plastic pollution. We use education, segregation, and upcycling to tackle plastic waste on a local level. 

This project empowers island communities with sustainable solutions to prevent their waste from contributing to ocean plastic pollution. It gives young people the knowledge and skills necessary to lead the fight against plastic pollution.


The project involves three elements, our Eco-Warrior education program, community segregation program and our up-cycling program. 


RISE Scholar Program empowers young women to overcome traditional barriers affecting their ability to participate fully and pursue their education.

The scholarship provides financial, education and social support to give the scholars the knowledge, skills and tools they need to pursue higher education and go on to make a positive difference in their communities. 


The program aims to foster self-belief and as a result, support these young women to be actively committed to their education and to pursuing a future beyond the traditional role of women in rural communities.

We believe that empowering women is the key to lifting  communities out of poverty and creating lasting change.

 RISE Scholars 


 Community Kitchen 

Our mobile community kitchens began as a response to Super Typhoon Rai, which hit Siargao Island in December 2021 and caused catastrophic damage across the North of Siargao, leaving many people without access to food and water. 

The kitchens provided nutritions, hot food for 3000 people daily for more than 5 months, and in June 2022 transitioned to a kitchen providing lunch for underprivileged children in North Siargao.