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READ Program

Empowering students through literacy.

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You can gift a child the

life-changing power of literacy

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About the READ Program

As a result of the pandemic, super-typhoon and a challenged public school system, many children are illiterate or unable to read at an adequate level. 

The social, emotional, and long-term financial impacts of illiteracy are immense. 


The READ Program aims to improve literacy in our community through intensive, small-group reading tutorials.

The Program is delivered by qualified teachers and runs as an 8-week Summer School and an ongoing after-school program during semester. Students are taught to read starting with basic letter identification, simple word reading; and ending with reading comprehension.


The program promotes learning how to read in a fun, social, and interactive environment using methods that maximize their learning experience.

So far, we have taught more than 700 children how to read and we plan to teach more than 300 students to read in Summer 2024.

The Objective

Our mission is to reduce the illiteracy rates of children in our community. The READ Program strives to foster students who are lifelong lovers of reading and learning, while giving them foundational skills to help them succeed in school and in life.


Give the life-changing power of literacy by donating below. 

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