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Sun Crew Summer School aims to re-ignite children's love of learning.


The Summer School streams are designed to bridge gaps in children's education that often result from an overwhelmed public school system and limited resources, time and support available for students to meet their potential. 

There are two Summer School Streams - READ and RISE. 

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READ is an 8-week intensive program that aims to teach 200 'non-reading' primary students how to READ.

It has been more than two years since the children of Siargao have been in a classroom.


Many Primary school children are now classified as 'non-readers'. This means they are unable to recognize and sound out letter-sound connections for single consonants, consonant blends, and others.


The economic, social, and health impacts of illiteracy are immense. Early intervention is essential to ensure 'non-reading' children can become independent readers and re-engage with their education. 

The Program is delivered to non-reading students in grades 1 to 3.  Students participate in daily small group classes of 4-5 students per teacher to ensure maximum development over the course of the program. 

The READ program is overseen by a committee of education experts. The classes are delivered by local bachelor of education graduates. This allows participating children to be instructed in their local language and provides an important development opportunity for future teachers to enhance their skills and experience in the classroom under the guidance of education experts. 

It costs ₱2000 to teach a child to read. The impact this will have on their future is invaluable. 

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The RISE Summer School Program is an 8-week program that aims to inspire young women living in extreme poverty to pursue their education. 

In partnership with local elementary schools, sixty female Grade Six students are invited to participate in the eight-week program.


Delivered in small class groups of 10-12, the curriculum touches on essential educational components including reading, writing, and numeracy, but the real purpose of the program is fun!


The curriculum is designed to empower students to reflect on and explore themselves, their communities, and the world around them, and re-ignite their love of learning along the way.


RISE aims to remind participants of their intrinsic value as young women, and encourage them to see the value and joy in pursuing their education. 


RISE Summer School serves as a feeder into our RISE Scholars Program. Over the course of the eight-week program, eligible students are identified and encouraged to apply to be a RISE Scholar. 

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