We are building brighter futures for women, children and the planet. 

We are a grassroots charity based on Siargao Island, the surfing capital of the Philippines. We are working to lift women and children out of poverty and to create sustainable island communities. We use surfing as the tool to get the children and their families involved in our education, sustainability and skills programs. We believe educating women and children is the key to creating effective, lasting change and this belief is the cornerstone of all of our work to fight poverty and plastic pollution. 


The ocean provides rural island communities with food, income and ultimately life and preserving the ocean is at the heart of all of we do.  

We are educating a generation of children to be custodians of the natural environment and lead the fight to protect their communities from environmental degradation. We are building sustainable island communities through eco-education and segregation and up-cycling initiatives to close the plastic loop and remove waste from oceans. 


We believe the fight to overcome poverty and the fight to address plastic pollution are the same fight, and education is the key. 

We want to ensure that children have the skills and education necessary to alleviate poverty and build brighter futures for themselves and their communities. Our programs use surfing as a tool to motivate children to pursue their education. We expose children and their families to opportunities and skills development that is generally unavailable in rural communities to give them the opportunity to have futures free from poverty. 


We believe that empowering women and children with skills, knowledge and opportunities is the best way to create effective, lasting change. 


We give young people the skills, opportunities and self-belief to pursue more than is traditionally expected of them and in turn to demand more of  their communities. Through our projects and tours with impact, we empower local people with employment, allowing them to rise out of poverty with environmental protection at the core of their success. 

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