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The Sun Crew is building brighter futures for the children of Siargao.

We are a registered charity based on Siargao Island, the surfing capital of the Philippines.


We exist to empower women and children with the education and skills they need to have better futures and to create sustainable island communities.


We believe educating women and children is the key to creating effective, lasting change and this belief forms the foundations of our programs. 

Rays of Change


We believe access to effective education, backed by resources, is the key to empowering children to have brighter futures. 


Empowering women and children with knowledge, skills, and opportunities is the best way to create effective, lasting change.  


The ocean provides rural island communities with food, income and ultimately life and preserving the ocean is at the heart of Sun Crew's mission.  

How it all started

The Sun Crew began as a community project in 2017. Local Siargao surfer Wemar Bonono and an Australian tourist decided to do something about the large number of children not attending school, often found sitting on the beach watching tourists surf. 

The children's love of surfing was apparent and they decided to use surfboards as an incentive to get them to attend school. The Smart Sustainable Surfers program began! As a team, they brought over more than 50 boards, donated by surfers in Australia, and within the first year of the program school attendance had improved by 100%. The Sun Crew was recognised as one of the best youth programs in the nation with a TAYO Award in 2018. 

The Sun Crew become a registered charity in 2019 and has continued expanding its education programs since. 

 Meet Our Crew

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