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Community Support

We deliver a range of ongoing and once-off initiatives to support our local community. Explore some of these below. 


Supertyphoon Rai caused immense damage across North Siargao. Thousands were left without access to food, water, and a safe place to sleep at night.


Sun Crew was on the ground, delivering emergency relief since day 1. We served 500,000 meals through our community kitchens, built homes for more than 20 families through our Amo Bayay project and provided emergency shelter, food and clean drinking water to more than 20,000 people. We continue to support vulnerable communities still recovering. 


Our mobile community kitchens began as a response to Super Typhoon Rai. 


The kitchens provided nutritious, and hot food for 3000 people daily for more than five months, and in June 2022 transitioned to a kitchen providing lunch for underprivileged children in North Siargao.


In total, we were able to provide more than half a million meals for the people of Northern Siargao. We were also able to provide employment to more than 100 locals who lost their livelihood after super typhoon Odette.


As a result of Super Typhoon Rai, many of Siargao's most vulnerable communities were left without a safe place to sleep at night. 


Amo Bayay was a joint project between The Sun Crew and Grom Nation to build homes for these communities, people who lost everything during Super Typhoon Rai.


We partnered with some of North Siargao's most vulnerable women, children, elderly and disabled people to rebuild their homes. To date, we were able to facilitate the building and repairs of over 200 homes.


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